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Welcome to my new blog, Studio Upstairs. Today, I’ll be reviewing the second season of True Detective. Since we’ve only seen 3 episodes, this will be a pretty brief review, but I’m so enamored with the show like I was with the first season, so I wanted to make sure this was my first review.

First off, if you don’t like dark television, this is probably not the show for you. But, if you like character development, mystery, and a show that keeps you guessing, this is the series for you.

Just a few notes from the first three episodes:

1. Rachel McAdams is phenomenal. She’s also very easy on the eyes, but her acting is on point. She plays a detective with a past that hasn’t been explored much, yet, other than for the fact that she’s a heavy drinker, an angry drunk, and her sister is a prostitute. She’s also a bit of a badass, and could apparently win a fight against just about anyone, most men included. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing more of that as the show gets further along.

2. Collin Farrell definitely does not play his typical role, but he’s very good. Like McAdams, he plays a heavy drinker who is also angry, but he has some pretty big family problems, which appear to be created by him, and not his wife, who seems to be a very reasonable person. He has a son who seems to be a bit scared by him, and who he is in danger of losing even shared custody of. Farrell’s character is by far my favorite, which is not hard to see because of all the intrigue that he brings.

3. Vince Vaughn. You’re probably use to Vaughn playing comedic idiots like in Wedding Crashers, so this will be a pretty cool surprise to the average movie and TV Series viewer. Vaughn’s character also has a very dark side to him, but there are many layers to the character as well. For example, we learn in episode 3 that he and his wife want to have a child, but he’s having trouble conceiving. This appears to take it’s toll on the relationship between him and his wife, who is a very strong character,and tries to keep him in check. He is trying to find out what has happened to a business deal gone wrong, but is getting very little in the form of clues.

The relationship between Vaughn and Farrell’s characters is very intriguing, as they meet up every episode in a bar, where Vaughn’s character shares a tip with Farrel’s, who is paid handsomely for the most part for providing services to the former.

4. Lastly, Taylor Kitsch’s character is also very intriguing, mostly because of the fact that we don’t know much about him. He has a love interest, but his work keeps taking him away from her, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered that work comes first. He is also a bit of a gruff character, one with a minor death wish who loves to ride motorcycles very fast.

Vaughn, Farrell, and McAdams characters are all involved in the investigation of a murder, and I’m sure will all be involved in many more incredible episodes to come.

If you haven’t seen this show, start watching. Here’s a trailer to wet your appetite.

Next time, I’ll be reviewing another movie or TV Series. Until then, Contact me through the form below, or by hopping over to this Page.

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